About Us


The Original Popcorn House is a family owned and operated gourmet popcorn store located in downtown Delray Beach, FL or affectionately known as “Village by the Sea.” Our gourmet popcorn is hand crafted, in our store, each day, using only the finest and freshest ingredients available. Some of these ingredients include popping our corn in 100% pure coconut oil, covering our popcorn in gourmet Belgium white, dark, and milk chocolate, popping colossal sized mushroom popcorn and using premium white and cheddar cheese in our recipes.


The Original Popcorn House offers a variety of flavors and we can customize flavors and colors for special events, weddings, birthdays, etc. Our popcorn bars are a huge hit at any event. Our Signature and variety of popcorn tins can be customized with your company logo and shipped to your customers and or clients. Don’t forget about your friends and family too! There’s nothing like receiving our 3.5 gallon Signature tin filled with a mix of sweet, buttery caramel, the cheesiest of cheddar, and good, old fashioned, movie theater butter. We ship anywhere in the US and Canada. In addition, The Original Popcorn House serves a gourmet mix of Frosted Pralines that includes….macadamias, almonds, pecans, peanuts and cashews. Our premium whole nuts are cooked in brown sugar, cinnamon, and pure vanilla and served warm in a cone. You may order these delicious nuts by clicking the order tab. Last, but not least, The Original Popcorn House offers 18 different flavors of Salt Water Taffy. We sell our taffy by the 1/2 pound. Our taffy is perfect when mixed with our Frosted Pralines and shipped in our round signature tin. It’s simply delicious!